never love a wild thing.




"—You’re hurt."

It’s fine.”



"I told him to stop that, but it’s okay… I still love him." A pause. "Do you have to go to work tomorrow…?"

" F or a little bit.” He swoops her up into his
arms, pressing a kiss against her temple. “Why
 don’t we go to the park after school? Maybe
 with Kate?”



[ she goes willingly, easily; one corner of her mouth
tips up in the hint of a smile when she realizes his 
intentions. elbow propped on the pillow by his head,
she crowds his space, close enough to press a kiss 
to the corner of his mouth. ]

     Pouting doesn’t work for you.


[ he tilts his head to kiss her a full kiss on the mouth,
  smiling against her lips. he knows he isn’t a good
  pouter; his face has always been set for more serious
  expressions. ]

  It still got you by me.

[ lazily he moves a finger over her thigh, head back
  down on the pillow. ]

  Stay with me for a while.



"Of course. He’s tough."

" M aybe when he’s full grown, kiddo. He’s
  still stumbling around on his big paws. “



[ the morning light spilling in through the windows gives
her more clarity when it comes to making sure he’s 
all right. eyes flickering over the expanse of skin that she
can see, josephine feels the tight knot of worry in the pit
of her stomach loosen, a brief moment of relief, even if
her brow remains pinched with worry.  

she knows what it’s like to need the following day as a 
chance to rest; she’s familiar with the ache of exhaustion
when it runs bone deep. when he reaches out, she presses
the mug of coffee into his hand, fingers lingering on his. ]

     I think we can afford a day in bed.

[ he switches the coffee to his other hand to set it on   
  the nightstand. his weary bones demand rest, but
  his mind demands time with her. wordlessly he sets
  a hand on her side and pulls her down, lips pulled
  into a small pout. 

  the dogs are already up and about, giving more
  leg room. ]




"Can I ride Titan to school?"


"Y ou think he can last six miles?”



[ it’s one of the rare, rare mornings where she wakes
before roman, rarer still that she’s actually pulled herself
out of bed before he has. her footsteps are quiet as she
pads down the hall and back into the bedroom, a mug of
coffee in each hand. 

she places his on the nightstand next to his side of the bed
and leaves her own on top of the dresser before she slides
into bed next to him. smoothing the hair out of his eyes, she
bends to press a kiss against his cheek, a mimicry of the 
night before when the mattress had dipped beneath his tired
weight after three a.m.

quietly, ]

      — - it’s past nine, y’know.


[ he’s got no new wounds to speak of for his last episode
  at work, but he had run for about six miles before getting
  out of his extraction point. the car had blown up first, then
  the plane, and then no one could fly in — the next option
  was the town over, where he had ran to to save his own life.

  unfortunately, all in his days work.

  he has no desire to get up for a morning run, legs still weak
  and his body craving to recharge. past nine is extremely rare
  for him, but he only hums a noise at her, awkwardly reaching
  out for the coffee with his eyes closed. ]

  I’ll get up soon.


deli meat flops out from the close of his hand. his grip winds around a glass of water so tightly it could shatter.  dumping a swallow back to clear the tension from his throat, james tosses the unfinished sandwich back onto the plate. 

   i know. 


worry wrings him dry.  the pale, fluorescent wash of natasha’s skin underneath the hospital lighting, the flimsy prick of a butterfly needle nicked into the back of her hand… blue veins criss cross around it at the forefront of his memory and he can’t help but think: 

what if? 

still, he builds himself up to placate yuri as he sinks into the couch next to the boy he’s come to view as a son. 

    but she’s tough.  the doctors are working on getting her better so she can come home with us.  

   we’ll go and visit her every day; i promise.  

    —- she’s not gonna leave you, yuri.  she’d never do that on purpose. is that what you’re worried about? 

[ h e’s worried about her leaving, of course,
  but he’s worried about losing james too. he’s
  worried about losing the only family he’s ever
  had. what would happen to him if they were
  both gone?

  yuri leans into james shoulder and closes his
  eyes. he wants to cry, but his eyes are dry. he
  doesn’t know what he wants to do he misses
  his mama so much. ]

  i don’t want you to be sad either.

[ the man he looks up to is his rock right now,
  and the assurance that he gives is enough
  for the moment. ]

  i know she wouldn’t. i just want her to feel

"If someone had warned me I would end up here… I would still have chosen you. I’ll always choose you."
soulmate meme

[ i t’s been hard.

  there have been times where he has wondered
  if two people with their lives could match up, two
  people who were alike yet on opposite ends of
  the spectrum. he worked for shield; she worked
  for the brotherhood. if they had known up front 
  it might of been a different story, but it had taken
  time to open up about it. by then, he hadn’t wanted
  to let her go.

  but they had difficulties, perhaps more than if they
  were a more normal couple. they fought — even
  with their connection, there were things he would
  never quite be able to understand as a human.
  he hadn’t gone through and wouldn’t go through
  what she had, just as there were things in his life
  that went beyond shield that she was still learning

  but they had ended up here together. hands on her
  waist and forehead to forehead, he can’t think of
  any other place he would rather be then there. and
  he wants to tell her — tell her that before he had
  never looked forward to coming home before, or
  looked forward to something in his future. he loved
  her and he would burn the world down just to keep
  her happy. ]


  Come here.

"i am not violent. i am not malicious. i am a result."

indie shield oc.
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