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[text]: Stay out of my life and don't ask questions.

[text]: We foundthy eber
[text]: cone sharee

[text]: It's not looking good

[text]: You haven't been here for a week what's going on Clint's worried

[text]: Clean up the house I want to do something nice

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[text]: Can't you just stay out of sight for once when I tell you? Just start packing a bag so we can move out.

[text]: i dont know what wer doigb
[text]: i hsve noida what to di with my lgife

[text]: I'm not sure of anything but I think I'm sure of you

[text]: This is what I think is best and I know things might be settled down at SHIELD now or whatever it is but I think we should still stay low especially since you're connected to Hill but if you want to go back then I'll take you.

[text]: Don't open the door if someone knocks

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i will be over on shilah since I have no muse for roman

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wat does that face mean

i took a shot in the universe
sometimes wondrous things happen
and sometimes we’re just human, and
holding our warm, clammy hands together
you remind me that not all things are giant miracles.
that sometimes you’re a
gift i’m unwrapping layer by layer.

someone bought me your soul
but it can never really belong to me.
your dreams, your story, the things
that i love, i can hold them but they’re
yours, always.

i try to unwrap your mind like i do
your body. you said, “it’s too dangerous,
it’s like looking into the sun.” i wanted to tell
you i held a lighter to my skin willingly
and that i would find a new way to get
burnt if it wasn’t by you. instead i said,
"my mind is a dark place. it could use the light."

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"What’s that pressing against my back?"

" — nothing."

"I’m never getting on my knees for you again."

"Never say never."

"I’m not fragile, you don’t have to be so gentle."

"I’m just getting started."